Seopage1 started their first affiliate marketing project

Seopage1 started their first affiliate marketing project

We were planning to expand our business for long. With our newly launched affiliate marketing site, we moved an inch forward towards that destination. Basically this was a trial site and we planned to build few more similar sites if this trial turned out to be a success.

Let us tell a bit about our trial affiliate marketing site. Well, it was about electric razors. We had to test quite a few electric razors and write a detailed and thorough review on each of them so that the customers may have a clear idea on which one is worth their money. We also created a detailed homepage content with a table to compare our top 10 electric razors, a brief description on each of those top 10 razors, Features to expect for various price ranges and finally few FAQ(Frequently asked questions) that prospective electric razor buyers are often confused with. Additionally, we created an separate buying guide page which helps clients decide which features they may need based on his skin type and budget. We already integrated an Astore (Those who have a bit of knowledge on amazon affiliate marketing should know about Astore) so that customers may have a look at other similar products from our site without going to amazon.

It took us around 1 and half months to find a niche, conduct keyword research, choose products, Write review contents as well as other contents and finally launch the site. Since then we were mostly focusing on link building. And in less than 2 months from the day we launched the site, we have already started getting quite a good amount of sales. We will keep observing the sale status for this trial site for next 2-3 weeks and if everything goes well, we will start creating 10-12 similar sites which were there in our plan for last one year.

  • On March 25, 2016

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