The SeoPage1 team goes to Chuti Resort for a day of fun and relaxation

The SeoPage1 team goes to Chuti Resort for a day of fun and relaxation

Every year at SeoPage1, we like to celebrate our accomplishments together by going on at least 2 company trips to escape the hustle and bustle of the daily work routine. Last Saturday, March 31st, our team went to Chuti Resort to enjoy some much-deserved downtime, where we had fun, created lots of memories, and were at peace with nature. What better way to escape the workplace than be in tune with nature, right?



Our trip started with one of the most memorable lake cruises. Chuti Resort is known for being surrounded by a magnificent lake that really lets you connect with nature. After carefully stepping inside the tiny, wooden boats (and trying hard not to fall into the water!), we rowed gently around the lake. It was a nice moment, being able to just chat with each other about non-work-related things. We shouldn’t forget to mention the spontaneous boat “race” — winners got to walk away with bragging rights!


All of us in the team love sports, so when we saw that they had a badminton court in the resort, we didn’t have to ask if anyone wanted to play — we just knew that a badminton challenge was bound to happen! We had never played with each other before, but we had great fun even though none of us really played Olympics-level great. In the end, we all came through and it definitely reminded us that together, a united team can make things work.


For our team, one game isn’t enough. Exhausted and ready to hit the pool, we came across a cricket field and of course we just HAD TO play! Cricket is one of the favorite sports of the guys of SEOPage1, so testosterone-driven, another match unfolded. Feeling like pro cricket players, we tried our best at doing paddle shots and sweeps until we were dead tired. It was too fun that we forgot about the rules of the game!


Words couldn’t express how glad we were that there was a pool nearby. After all the running and swinging during our badminton match, all we wanted to do was canonball into that clear, sparkling blue pool. But being inside the pool just called for more games — water games, this time. One of our members found a volleyball which he brought into the pool, and we played a couple of rounds of pool volley. Definitely lots of splashing, underwater pranks and spontaneous swimming contests too!


After all of the fun and games, we were too tired to do anything else, so we spent the rest of the day lazying out by the swings and lounge chairs. Who says trips need to be full of adventure all the time? Sometimes, all that we need (and want!) is just time to chill and talk about life as we watch the sun go down.


If only there were more hours in a day. It was finally time to end our short escape from the real world. We couldn’t believe we had already spent the entire day to bond, relax, and have fun — we didn’t want to go home just yet. Having fun and making memories with our little group in a stunning resort — now who wouldn’t want that?


Special thanks to our planning committee for making this a memorable trip.

For more photos from our company trip, check out our Facebook album.

  • On April 7, 2018

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