Seopage1 Just Finished a Massive Content Writing Project For A Turkish Client

Like majority of our clients, we got this client from This particular client had a long cherished desire to earn from Google AdSense and he was already doing well with his few newly built sites. Seeing those initial success, he decided to create 6 more sites and rank them on Google so that the visitors may come on his site and click on the ads that he will publish.

So what he did is build those 6 sites himself since he knew a bit of web developing and then hired us to take care of the content writing part for all those 6 sites. He needed 50 contents per site and each of them had to have 250 words. The deadline he gave us was 10 days. Despite we initially thought that it would be a bit challenging to finish all 300 articles in 10 days especially when he needs thorough proofreading for all of them, we finally succeeded by finishing that project just in 8 days. He was amazed by the quality we delivered in such a short deadline and already ordered another big project of 2100 articles.

  • On March 25, 2016


Md.Hasanul Alam
I am delighted with the working worth of Seopage1.I am interested to be it's team member to color the hearts of new customers who are looking for such services to go with a better business.

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