Seopage1 Hired One in-house Proof-reader and Another in-house Content Researcher

Like you already know, Seopage1 has around 60 online and in-house employees from all around the globe. Till October, 2015, we had couple of online proof-readers whom we used to proofread the contents delivered by writers. We had a few content researchers too who used to perform the job of conducting research and creating an outline for the writers based on which writers would write.

But with the increasing work pressure, we started to feel the need of a full time in-house proof-reader and a content researcher. With those 2 employees, the number of in-house employees has gone up to 10. So basically after we receive a project our content researcher creates an outline for the writer, Our manager then sends that outline to our writers (Most of them work online), writers write the content according to our clients requirement, Manager checks them and doesn’t approve until all the requirements given by client are met, then he sends those contents to our proof-reader who checks all those contents and makes sure that they are written in perfect English. Finally proof-reader submits those contents to our higher management and they submit the content to clients after having a final look. So it’s a pretty much a team work.

  • On March 25, 2016


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